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The Core

of communication

Safe Identification

professional security and intercom communication

Our solutions are designed to bring the benefits of professional security and intercom communication to a host of different environments. A common sight in many everyday situations, they act as reassuring beacons of help and support, anywhere from underground railway stations to parking garages, from road tunnels to high-security facilities, whether across globally networked industrial sites, or simply at the entrance to an office building.

Intercom Systems Installation

Installation of the audio & video Intercom system in your building or business is beneficial for a lot of things.
It allows you to keep the security within your property by enabling you to speak to the visitor through the device. The presence of the device allows no risk of getting the gate or door unlocked or the possibility of forced entry. It also allows you to have more than one station for multiple entry points which can be controlled as well as monitored by the installed intercom system. With the presence of the device, you are able to have and allow remote access on entry points by pressing the button of the station. One way to keep your apartments is through installing an intercom systems by us. The system helps in keeping the main shared-entry point secured. It is done through a rated door a well as a lock system. For the security of the entire unit, a door station along with a door strike and gate release can be installed in the main entry point. With this, the residents are able to give access to visitors even from afar. The secured lock door is to be installed to keep individual from gaining access in the area.

Know Who Is At the Door Before You Open It

Dependable communication between different areas of your home is key to security and for increased peace of mind

You can safely identify a visitor before opening your door. When the doorbell rings, the unit will transmit audio & video to a monitor inside your home. Feeling safe and secure within the home is important to all single or multi-family residences. We offer a range of home and apartment building audio/video intercom systems with several doors and master stations or simple audio-only intercom systems with one door and master station. Dependable communication between different areas of your home is key to security and for increased peace of mind. Intercom systems are ideal for homeowners, property managers of apartment buildings and condominium or co-op properties.

How does it work?

The video door entry system from Hikvision enables you to see, talk and answer your door bell via the mobile App. The Intercom System from Hikvision consist of the outdoor video calling unit and the internal touchscreen tablet. The external door phone communicates with the indoor station with a built-in microphone and speaker that uses noise suppression and echo cancellation for a clear sound. The indoor station from Hikvision has easy to use elegant tablet design that uses 1 MP camera and built in micro phone and speaker. Residents can communicate with other stations via video or audio call.