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MSL Service Centre

Rapid response to our Service Desk

Customers requiring emergency assistance have access to our service desk.

This is staffed by qualified service engineers who will take details of the issue and provide a rapid response

A range of maintenance and emergency service options are available and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a site as well as the working environment. We also offer this service for comparable systems not installed by us, in circumstances where customers are not experiencing the quality or level of service required.

Whilst many suppliers allow lengthy system outages, our team rectifies more than 90% of faults during the first visit. This means that customers are not without their systems or parts of systems for any significant length of time.

CCTV Repair & Maintenance

CCTV repair service is our business and as the Largest Independent Repair Center for CCTV and security Equipment

We can get your equipment back in service quickly to minimize your downtime and at the same time save you and your company money. We have been doing CCTV surveillance equipment repairs for over 5 years and are very familiar with all major brands of CCTV equipment and control systems. Whether its DVR Repair, NVR Repair, PTZ Dome Camera Repair, IP Camera Repair, Matrix Switcher Repair or Camera Controller Repair, we can help you work out a repair program to fit your needs. We have very reasonable and competitive pricing so just give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you. We have satisfied customers, Next time your CCTV Surveillance Equipment needs repair, give us a call.

CCTV Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an essential part of ensuring continuous surveillance and helps to deter break-ins, theft and the overall security of the area(s) being monitored

The owners or operators of a CCTV system should normally be able to keep CCTV cameras clean and free of dust, but any technical scheduled maintenance must be carried out by trained service engineers .Our company CCTV preventative maintenance involves regularly testing the functionality of CCTV surveillance equipment to reduce the probability of a malfunction or failure.

To avoid any lapses in surveillance monitoring, CCTV system maintenance is usually carried out whilst all devices are still in operation. This regular inspection should be planned as part of the overall security system maintenance checklist requirements of the business.

MSL After-Sales Service

A range of maintenance and emergency service options are available and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a site as well as the working environment

System design and product recommendation are important elements in achieving our objective to provide you with the very best, long-term solution. We maintain a product range that includes high-quality, well-proven and tested systems, developed by leading manufacturers.

Beyond design and installation, we offer a complete after-sales service. This regular programme of checks ensures that systems continue to perform optimally, reduces the risk of system failure and extends the operational working life, thereby providing an even better return on the original investment.