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CCTV & Alarm Rentals

For a better peace of mind

Rental of CCTV and Alarm systems are an excellent choice for contractors and developers

With our many years of professional experience, Mascareignes Group has successfully installed and monitored CCTV and Alarm systems for all types of businesses, in every kind of location and environment, and we understand just how valuable such systems can be in protecting your site.

Mascareignes Group offers affordable CCTV & Alarm systems rental, allowing you to enjoy the security and reassurance that CCTV brings but at a price that’s right for you – saving you the initial investment outlay associated with installing a permanent system while still giving you the peace of mind of round-the-clock CCTV & Alarm surveillance.

Effective surveillance system

Renting a system lets you save money in the short term. It prevents you from having to make a major investment in security and lets you spread the cost out over time

Security surveillance systems are widely used in business to make sure your company or home property is safeguarded. There are a lot of reasons to consider installing a video surveillance or Alarm system for your home or business.

  • Reduce and prevent theft and vandalism
  • Real-time monitoring of critical areas where more valuable assets of the business are placed
  • Clear Proof of an Incident or Accident for Insurance Claim Purposes
  • Visual Evidence of a Crime for a Police Investigation

Request a site visit today

Book our CCTV & Alarm system rental service now to request a free site visit to your location. Each of our experienced technicians is committed towards excellence and providing best services to all of our customer

Mascareignes Group is a leading direct supplier of professional-grade HD security cameras and Alarm systems with the largest selection security solutions available. We strive to provide you with only the best quality security and surveillance equipment that’s affordable and reliable.

We offer our installation services in every region, so whether you need installation from your home to business to store, we have got you covered.