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Mascareignes Group

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Safeguarding your personal and professional assets with the latest and most reliable security solutions

Mascareignes Group is composed of several companies and one of our core business is in the distribution, design, supply, installation and maintenance of Video Surveillance & Security Systems including Video intercom, Access control and Alarm system and all related equipment. These systems are designed to suit customer’s individual requirements. As we specialise in CCTV video surveillance and Security systems, our focus is to have an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies which enables us to design systems and source products that can best meet the specific needs of our customers and the industry.

We have been at the forefront of the Video Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Industry in the Indian Ocean region since 2008. We aim to satisfy the highest customer expectations through our experience, knowledge and innovation. We help customers find the right solution at the right price.

We continually advance our technologies to offer complete solutions from consulting to installation. No matter how simple or complex your security requirement, we provide innovative, effective solutions.

Delivering Customer Value

We work very closely with our trade customers and resellers, providing reliable advice to help you supply the most suitable solutions to your clients

We are differentiated in the marketplace because we focus on the creation of value for our customers. We believe value is created by providing readily customized, reliable and easily maintained video surveillance and security solutions that truly provide the intended result for our customers.

When you deal with us you are guaranteed the highest level of service, with high quality products and services that we stand behind. Our over 10 years industry experience, guarantees that we have the essential knowledge, processes and systems in place to meet the most demanding requirements. We look forward to working with you to satisfy your video surveillance needs.

Mission Statement

We aim to be the leader in the delivery of Video Surveillance and Security Solutions. Through innovation we help customers find the right solutions. The skills and dedication of our staff will ensure our success.

Our Values

We are proud to be a company that is driven by vision and fuelled by our passion. The cores of our success are our people, and in recognition of their contribution, we restructured our corporate Values, to reflect our reinforced commitment to them. The three values at the heart of our business are:


People are the heart of our organization and we strive to provide an environment that attracts, motivates, and develops individuals. Encouraging cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in the company. We create and implement a succession / career progression planning program that clearly articulates corporate expectations while charting a course for employee development.


We encourage innovation to cultivate originality and pursue new ideas and technologies, while introducing the right processes and models to put them to work safely, quickly and efficiently, in order to continuously improve the standards and the diversity of our services for the common benefit of all stakeholders.


We believe that great success requires heart and dedication. We embrace and foster passion in every aspect of our business from Innovation and learning, to management and client satisfaction, to employee and skills development, because we believe that when you are passionate about something you have more energy, work much harder, and get more creative.